La Siembra™

Planting the seeds for effective dual
language implementation.

DLeNM’s La Siembra™ is a two-day self-evaluation planning retreat for leadership teams from newly formed or novice dual language programs.

It provides an in-depth facilitated overview of essential components that will help prepare participants to understand the foundations of quality program planning, design, and implementation.

Teams will be guided to reflect on their readiness for implementation based on ideals presented in the Dual Language Program Planner: A Guide for Designing and Implementing Dual Language Programs as well as the Guiding Principles for Dual Language Education. The ultimate goal of the retreat is for each school team to leave with a clear understanding of what is needed in order to provide a high quality dual language program in their school/district.

La Siembra™ Program Planning Retreats include:

  • An introduction to dual language essentials (Dual Language 101), which help define what dual language is, and what it is not.
  • A review of research over the past several decades, demonstrating the effectiveness of programs that are well implemented.
  • Identifying and fostering the core values of your school’s community which have led you to implement a dual language program.
  • An introduction to quality language sheltering strategies that all staff members should know.
  • A program readiness self-assessment in key areas of The Guiding Principles for Dual Language Education.
  • Guidance in the development of a Curriculum Articulation Plan (CAP) which will serve as a central piece in defining your program for stakeholders, answering the question: What is taught, in which language, for how long?
  • A focus on how to promote your program and ensure it permeates your school’s overall culture.
  • Opportunities for in-depth discussions, guidance from experts, and examples from existing programs.
  • Deliberate action planning to prepare a “game plan” for strong dual language program implementation.

Scheduling a Retreat

Based on the needs of your community, we can tailor our facilitation to address specific areas of concerns or provide extra information, examples or support.  We strive to ensure that the work you put in today has a lasting effect on the sustainability and success of your program.  Planning retreats are typically scheduled at least three months in advance.  If you would like more information or want to schedule a retreat for your school/district, please contact:

Michael Rodríguez, Director of Operations

Director of Operations
505-243-0648 ext. 112