Program Planning Retreats

Dual Language Education of New Mexico offers site evaluation visits to help districts determine the best course for starting, strengthening or expanding their dual language programs.

Although thoughtful program development is a necessary first step to choosing and designing a program model, program development also requires the constant care of and reflection on best practice, implementation and continuous improvement.

Our focused planning retreats help schools/districts understand that program sustainability is only realized when the ideals and commitments are owned by the entire school community.

Turnover in teaching staff or administration, as well as changes in school district policy, educational mandates, etc., all challenge a program’s health and implementation. These challenges and potential distractions require a committed response to reflection and continuous improvement. An annual self-evaluation of the program’s implementation is highly recommended and should be completed by a representative stakeholder group of the school community.

La Siembra™

La Siembra™, planting the seeds for effective dual language implementation, is a retreat designed to guide the facilitation of effective planning, preparation, and design of new/beginning dual language programs.

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El Enriquecer™

El Enriquecer™, nurturing the continued growth of quality dual language programs, is a retreat designed to give school leadership teams an opportunity to strengthen and/or expand their existing/veteran dual language program.

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Retreats consist of:

  • Two days of intensive training and planning with school/district leadership teams;
  • A focus on creating program sustainability through capacity building with school community leadership;
  • Identification and strengthening of essential components that ensure fidelity to implementation, and effective instruction;
  • Discussion and action planning around the Guiding Principles for Dual Language Education; and
  • Training and facilitation by experienced dual language administrators/teachers.

Scheduling a Retreat

Based on the needs of your community, we can tailor our facilitation to address specific areas of concerns or provide extra information, examples or support.  We strive to ensure that the work you put in today has a lasting effect on the sustainability and success of your program.  Planning retreats are typically scheduled at least three months in advance.  If you would like more information or want to schedule a retreat for your school/district, please contact:

Michael Rodríguez, Director of Operations

Director of Operations
505-243-0648 ext. 112