Program Effectiveness Site Evaluation Visit

Dual Language Education of New Mexico offers program evaluation visits to help inform decision making in schools and districts implementing veteran programs
by gauging the effectiveness, consistency and sustainable structures in place.

Through the analysis of district/site structural components, stakeholder interviews and classroom observations, program evaluators gather critical information that identifies both the strengths and areas of need for existing dual language programs. Leadership teams are guided through the reflective process of looking at program sustainability through multiple lenses. As part of the visit, details are collected in the following areas:

Visits consist of:

  • Providing an external perspective related to the services currently being offered to students within the district’s dual language programs
  • Interviewing key stakeholders
  • Raising the collective knowledge needed for key decision making related to program structures, resources and communication
  • Observing current instructional practices
  • Providing recommendations for next steps to strengthen existing structures

Scheduling a Program Effectiveness Site Evaluation Visit

Based on the needs of your community, we can tailor our visit to address specific areas of concern or provide extra support, guidance or advocacy.  Program evaluation visits are typically scheduled at least three months in advance.  If you would like more information or want to schedule a visit for your school/district, please contact:

Michael Rodríguez, Director of Operations

Director of Operations
505-243-0648 ext. 112