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Dual Language Education New Mexico to partner with Abt Associates and education groups to study dual language immersion in NM charter schools’ sector

Study to focus on dual language programs in charter schools

Dual Language Education New Mexico (DLeNM) announced today a collaboration with Public Charter Schools of New Mexico (PCSNM); the New Mexico Public Education Department; researchers with the University of Connecticut; and Abt Associates, a Maryland-based research and consulting firm, to conduct a two-year study on student outcomes in New Mexico’s charter school sector, focusing on charter schools offering dual-language instruction. This research partnership was made possible with support from Arnold Ventures, a Texas-based philanthropy. 

Historically, research on charter schools has focused on branded, centrally managed charter schools run by charter management organizations (CMOs). Because all of New Mexico’s state charters are free-standing and independent (non-CMOs), the findings of previous charter school studies are difficult to apply to New Mexico. With this new research partnership, researchers will be able to generate information directly relevant to New Mexico’s unique charter school sector. The results of this study will aid in developing future education policies that improve outcomes for New Mexico’s students, both those in charters and those in traditional public schools.

Proponents of charter schools maintain that charters can address persistent achievement gaps for poor and disadvantaged students by spurring innovation through flexibility unavailable to traditional public schools. Because of New Mexico’s low national ranking in public education and child welfare, the need for effective charter school policies is apparent.

This collaborative study will investigate the effectiveness of the state’s elementary and secondary school charters, and also focus on New Mexico charter schools offering dual language immersion. Research has shown that, in addition to promoting bi-literacy, dual language immersion improves students’ English Language Arts achievement.

Using historical lottery records, the study will compare outcomes for students who were offered admission to charters versus outcomes for students not offered admission. As is standard for all experiments that rely on student lotteries, only schools where more students applied than could be enrolled will be included in the study. The study will measure a comprehensive array of student outcomes, including academic achievement, attendance, English learner status, graduation, college enrollment and college persistence.  

At Abt Associates, senior researcher Ms. Rachel McCormick, based in New Mexico, and Dr. Eleanor Harvill, a national leader in education research methodology, will lead the study. PCSNM and DLeNM will assist with the implementation study; Abt Associates and Dr. Elizabeth R. Howard, a bilingualism expert at the University of Connecticut, will conduct the impact study.

Once complete in summer 2021, the study will provide rigorous evidence on a subject of growing interest to New Mexico parents and educators, as well as leaders at the local, state and national levels.

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Winter 2019 Soleado is here!

Soleado: Promising Practices from the Field. In this issue you will find an article written by a veteran high school teacher on the path she and her students took toward the development of a functional, collaborative community of learners; an account by a middle school teacher who took the best of OCDE Project GLAD® and AVID strategies to support her Spanish language arts students; the steps a local elementary school took to support its students in earning the Albuquerque Public Schools Elementary Bilingual Seal; y la experiencia de una maestra en Virginia que ha usado lo que aprendió en el entrenamiento de AIM4S3 para enseñar matemáticas avanzadas a niños angloparlantes en español; and so much more!

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National Dual Language Education Teacher Preparation Standards (NDLETPS) © 2018

Designed for those responsible for developing future dual language education teachers the National Dual Language Education Teacher Preparation Standards (NDLETPS) are intended to provide guidance while allowing for the flexibility to address myriad local contextual realities and language groups, inclusive of and also beyond Spanish-English programs. Moreover, the reader will notice that the framing of these Standards entails certain characteristics that are anchored to the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP). Aligning the NDLETPS to CAEP is intentional in order to leverage this reputable accrediting entity, from a supportive stance for the greater merit of dual language education. Dual Language Education of New Mexico (DLeNM) recognizes the need for a set of standards that will not only provide guidance to educator preparation programs but also create a sorely needed vehicle leading to program accreditation.

DLeNM is proud to announce that the National Dual Language Education Teacher Preparation Standards have been “approved with conditions” by the Council for Accreditation of Educator Preparation. Congratulations to Dr. Joan LaChance (UNC) and Dr. Michael Guerrero (UTRGV) for leading this initiative. Join them for an informational and organizational meeting at this year’s La Cosecha – Preparing Our Teachers: National K-12 Dual Language Teacher Preparation Standards, on Wednesday, November 13th.

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