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Encouraging Students to Develop Adaptive Reasoning

Explaining the “Why” Behind the Zero Noise Signal to Seventh Graders

Building and Processing the Inquiry Chart on the Compendium: Seventh Grade

Getting started with Compendium: A Seventh-Grade Example

Encouraging Equity of Voices: Setting Up and Facilitating Numbered Heads with Seventh Graders

Setting Up a Listen and Respond About Integers with Seventh Graders

Giving Students Space to Talk About How They Feel About Math

Making Math Relevant: Using a Visual Thinking Strategy as Focus and Motivation to Begin a Unit

Explaining Rational and Irrational Numbers

Introducing the PDSA to Seventh Graders: Numeric and Algebraic Expressions

Empowering Students to Support Newcomers and Early Language Learners

Incorporating Metacognitive Boxes as Part of Formative Assessment: Seventh Grade

Continuous Feedback: Using Gestures to Support Active Learning and Student Voice

Meeting Individual Needs with Chart Talks: Integers with Seventh Graders

Scaffolding a Lesson on Numeric and Algebraic Expressions to Prepare Students to Solve Riddles in Teams

Glows, Grows, and Commitments: A Strategy to Teach Reflection and Goal Setting